A new chapter begins ricardo s career

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A new chapter begins ricardo s career

Hold Power "A" Flat Shot It's a flat ground stroke that generates a relatively safe and controlled trajectory. If you are low on stamina, this is a good shot to use.

A new chapter begins ricardo s career

It is also particularly good to use if: This is a higher percentage shot to make when on the run. A perfect return of serve by tapping the A button can yield a very desirable shot, especially if made down the nearest sideline.

This is your power shot.


The pace of your shot will vary depending on how full your power meter is prior to the initial swing. Timing is more critical with the power shot, particularly when you are on the run.


Utilizing power shots when you are low on stamina will likely result in unforced errors. The ball will have a lot of forward spin causing it to bounce shorter than the A shot. The drawback to heavy top spin is that it's a bit slower than the safe shot, thus allowing your opponent a better opportunity of reaching the ball in time.

The advantage of using top spin however is that you can produce greater angles with it. The top spin shot is best used when: If your opponent is deep behind the baseline, short bounces may cause him to shovel the ball if he is out of position.

Sometimes, if hit just right when on the run, you can create a wicked angle that may surprise your opponent. If used in this situation, you may find that your top spin shot will be slow and land short in your opponent's court, setting him up for an easy put-away.

If your opponent has you on the run and you still have stamina remaining in your meter, hit a controlled top spin shot deep into the opposite corner of the court. The resulting shot will be a high, arcing ball that should buy you a split second to recover, as well as making the return more challenging for your opponent to hit with both power and precision.

A powerful top spin shot can be used as a weapon on the court, particularly if you have a player who has a solid forehand or backhand and power e. The powered top spin shot is most effective when: In Top Spin 4, the power top spin shot B is the most prone to resulting in unforced errors, particularly when hitting it on the run or when stamina is low.

Due to the back spin, the ball bounces very low. When timed correctly, slice takes all the speed off your opponent's ball and returns it back to them low and slow. The most effective shot in this situation is to hit a cross-court slice since it will have a longer flight time before your opponent can hit it if they are at the baseline.

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It should allow you an extra second to hopefully capture better defensive court positioning. The slice is the most efficient way to return powerful shots if you can't match their power using A or B.

You may have heard the term "chip and charge. In theory, the low bounce should make it difficult for your opponent to hit a clean passing shot. The slowness of your shot should also allow you more time to get to the net.

Don't forget to use the "RB" button when charging the net! A powerful slice can be effective when hit both short or deep into your opponent's court. It is a particularly good shot to use when:Intro: Top Spin 4 is the fourth installment of arguably the best tennis video game series to date.

The original Top Spin was a unique game in that it appealed to both the tennis enthusiast and the casual fan with its easy-to-learn controls, and excellent replay value when experienced over Xbox Live. Instead of having stuff scattered all over the place — strewn across separate products, lost in inboxes, or scrawled on stickies or notepads — Basecamp brings everything your company’s working on under one roof.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World's Greatest Scientist First Edition. Below you will find yet another addition to my highly successful series of Original Top Spin Superguides..

If you were a regular visitor during the evolution of my three previous Top Spin Superguides, you can expect much of the same with this one in terms of updates and attheheels.com those of you who are relatively new to the format of my .

I was quite lucky, as far as children born into the Jehovah’s Witness religion go. I was born heterosexual. This meant I never had to struggle with being told that my sexual identity was sinful, and that if I wished to avoid being killed by Jehovah I had to be celibate for life..

I was born male.

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