An analysis of the book flowers for algernon an exciting science fiction novel

The main characters of the story are Charlie, a mentally retarded individual who is involved in a remarkable experiment which increased his I. The novel is exciting and contains very original material. The moods which the reader experiences are sorrow, anger, and guilt.

An analysis of the book flowers for algernon an exciting science fiction novel

How does he feel about her? What role does their relationship play in his development? Charlie struggles to reconcile his intellect and his emotions and longs to consummate his true love for Alice.

After failing to consummate a burgeoning yet confusing romance with Alice, Charlie meets Fay and is amazed to discover how uncomplicated a sexual relationship can be. Charlie is not in love with Fay, but he is fond of and attracted to her, and since there is no history between them, he is able to put aside his impulsive feelings of shame and learn about very straightforward physical pleasures, such as drinking, dancing, and, most important, sex.

Fay is smart but utterly nonintellectual—she does not care about the life of the mind and therefore is a perfect teacher for Charlie in his quest to learn about the emotional spectrum beyond his intellectual pursuits.

Defend your answer, and explain why you think these passages are written as they are.

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Keyes attempts to create a believably disabled character in the Charlie of the early progress reports. Yet Keyes clearly takes artistic liberty with the tight structure of these reports—almost all of the information conveyed in these early segments is important to the plot that later develops.

In these segments, Keyes strikes a delicate balance between making Charlie believable and keeping the narrative moving forward at a compelling pace. As Charlie struggles to become emotionally independent and tries to form a deep bond with Alice, his memories shed light—for him and for us—on why this development is so difficult for him.

Memories of his mother, Rose, instilling sexual shame in him arise when Charlie experiences this shame in the present. Charlie can see his past more clearly than he saw it while he was living it; in effect, he is learning about his past life as vividly and quickly as he is learning about his new life.

The information Charlie garners from one life is always relevant to his grappling with the dilemmas of the other.Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes is one of the classic science fiction novels of the ’s.

It conveys a moving story about a mentally retarded man gaining genius-level intelligence, only to slowly and tragically regress to his former state. Samuel Richardson was the first writer to produce a true bestseller in the modern sense. Watch our lesson to learn about 'Pamela,' his groundbreaking epistolary novel.

An analysis of the book flowers for algernon an exciting science fiction novel

genre · Science fiction language · English time and place written · Original short story written in , in New York City; expanded novel version written from to in New York and Ohio. Flowers for Algernon; Study Questions; Flowers for Algernon by: Daniel Keyes Summary. Plot Overview; Summary & Analysis presents is thus not a strictly realistic portrayal of a retarded man’s composition but makes for economical and exciting storytelling.

Throughout the novel, Charlie’s gradually recovered memories of childhood tell. By common consent his BBC Half Hour was the pinnacle of early TV comedy.

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