Aquinas arguments essay

With the use of inductive reasoning, it proposes the need for an eternal and necessary cause. God is the cause of the universe The different forms of the cosmological argument include three of the five ways Aquinas proposes in his book Summa Theologica. Aquinas argued that there cannot be an infinite chain of regression otherwise the universe would not be here, but it is reducto ad absurdum and so there must be a primary mover.

Aquinas arguments essay

It starts by stating that things are in motion 1 and this motion is moved by another force 2. Also, things that are not in motion have the potential to be in movement 3.

Aquinas arguments essay

Movement is the act of transforming potentiality to actuality 4. This leads to the fact that one thing cannot be in the stage of potentiality or the stage of actuality at the same time 5.

Potentiality is the state of being possible. Actuality is the state of existence. Therefore, motion is only possible if it is moved by something else 7.

There is not infinity of those who cause motion after motion because if that were true, there would be no first mover. But if there is no first mover, there were would no movers at all because who would cause the initial movement 8.

Infinity means there is no beginning or an ending. Therefore, since there had to be a beginning, the first mover is God. A reason for believing in the first three premises is that nothing is able to move without another source energizing it.

For instance, clocks can only give us the correct time and be in motion if batteries power them. Once the batteries run out, the clock will no longer operate. But as the third premise states, if the clock is reloaded with batteries, it can function again and tell time.

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One example of the sequence of the states of potentiality to actuality is the creation of fire. Since it is possible to make fire with wood, wood is equivalent to potentiality. Once wood turns into fire, it has passed its potentiality and became into existence, an actuality.

As mentioned, the two states cannot be happening simultaneously, as wood deteriorates when burning. The seventh premise is believable because of the aforementioned examples of the clock and the fire.

The best example of infinity is the sky. It is not possible to determine where the sky starts and where it ends.

Aquinas arguments essay

It is feasible to believe that movement is not infinite because there is always something that precedes it. To further substantiate, another reason for believing that God is the first mover is that the first mover cannot move itself.

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God moves others but is not moved by anything else. To finalize, reasons for believing that God is the first mover are through the clock another power sourcefire potentiality to actualityand sky infinity examples. This is a good argument because the conclusion is worthy of acceptance. Based on this argument, I believe that God is the first mover.

All the premises are true so the inference is solid. Since the premises are true, the conclusion, that God is the first mover, is also true. It is impossible for the conclusion to be false according to the true premises so the argument is also deductively valid.

This all further validates it to be a sound argument. The second argument from causation has six premises. It uses the common concept of cause and effect as the way material things interact with each other 1. There is regular order so it is not possible for anything to cause itself 2.

There is also no infinity of causes 3.Aquinas claims this first cause is God. Pl: everything has a cause P2: nothing can cause itself P3: without a first cause there would be no subsequent causes but we know this to be false (reducto ad absurdum) C: God is the first cause The contingency argument is Aquinas’ third way.

Through arguments entailing these particular topics, Aquinas forms an argument that God has the ability of knowing and willing this particular world of contingent beings. The contrasting nature of necessary beings and contingent beings is at the heart of this debate.4/4(1).

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Aquinas suggests that the origin of these ideas is the moral God, the original Cause. Atheists shy away from this argument calling it an illusion or wishful thinking (McGrath, p , , ).

These different apologetic issues will be discussed in this essay to lead to a conclusion that is logical and true.

Aquinas Five Proofs for the Existence of God - Essay

- Aquinas’ Cosmological Arguments The Cosmological Argument for the existence of God, as propounded by Thomas Aquinas, is also known as the Third Way.

It is the Third of Five ways in Aquinas's masterpiece, "The Summa" (The Five Ways). Excerpt from Term Paper: Aquinas and His "Five Ways," an Expression of Assumed Faith The Five Ways of the existence of God, penned by the famed Thomas Aquinas are reported to be some of the most practical and real philosophical arguments of the existence of God.

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