Business planning for enduring social impact

The rise in impact investment is attributed in part to the financial crisis and the growing awareness that making money for the sake of making money alone is harmful to society and business interests. There has been an increased understanding that some of the most pressing global issues — inequality, climate change and unemployment — pose large financial risks if left unaddressed.

Business planning for enduring social impact

The history of mining is replete with examples of communities being unsustainable post mine closure.

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The concept of enduring value involves ensuring that a sustainable community will remain following the closure of an associated mine. Sinceawareness has increased amongst the International and Australian peak mining bodies for the need to plan for enduring community value.

This increased awareness has developed alongside the requirement for mining companies to operate in a socially responsible manner by maintaining a social license to operate. This paper thematically reviews the literature relevant to mine life cycle planning, enduring value, the socio-economic impacts of mining, and mine closure.

Conditions required for a community to gain enduring value from mining include: It is imperative that these conditions are given due consideration 1 in the initial stages of mine and town planning and 2 throughout the life of the mine through ongoing monitoring and community engagement.

However, we acknowledge the shortcomings in assuming planning is a panacea and suggest areas for further testing.

business planning for enduring social impact

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Where Did They Go? A Personal Statement Harcourt Enduring Community Value from Mining | A range of projects designed to help remote communities develop enduring value from mining including: Tracking and Mapping Mine Expenditure Economic input.

Background: Lack of alignment or harmony between information technology (IT) and business imperatives continues to plague organisations despite decades of research.

Strategic information systems planning (SISP) is the process of coordinating the relationship between IT and the business in order to steer alignment.

Loading... Commercial Bid Manager Company Overview Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact - the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value.
Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact: A How-to Guide Many goals have been developed in response to heightened external expectations regarding corporate sustainability performance and transparency on progress.
Global Responsibility Report Goals & Progress | Starbucks Coffee Company This practical guide provides an introduction to business planning for enduring social impact and leads readers through a four-step process A Practical Guide to Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact applies the strategic rigor and financial savvy of traditional private-sector business planning to social problem solving.
Nonprofit Consultants, Nonprofit Strategic Restructuring - La Piana While this has long been true for large connecting hubs, demand is more dependent on airport strategy than the size of the metropolitan area it serves.
Aviation Planning | WSP Over the past 12 months, we were chuffed to see the topic of financial sustainability become a part of normal conversation within the sector. There is a demonstrated hunger to do things differently.

5 Must-haves for Lasting 18 Mei In my work, I deal with the long-term. The very long-term. I help international development and social impact organizations create programs that will not only work today, but also continue well.

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Social Media’s Role in Crisis Management: A Call for Greater Legal Vigilance Page 4 20% 19% 18% Total US UK One reason that in-house counsel devote minimal time to social crisis planning may be that few boards ask legal about preparedness for a social media issue or crisis.

Hadley Impact works with nonprofits, corporations, artists and influencers to transform great ideas into huge social impact using technological innovation, social movements, world-class events and more.

Sep 24,  · “Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact” Review social business The target audience of this book is non-profits looking to create earned revenue strategies (as opposed to new entrepreneurs–although the later group can certainly benefit from this book).

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