Cheerleading worlds a dream for

Cheerleading-related injuries in the united states: A prospective surveillance study.

Cheerleading worlds a dream for

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You have climbed every rung up the Allstar Cheerleading ladder to master every skill possible. You have done your best to surround yourself with amazing teammates, coaches and a community that supports you in everything you do.

You have pushed through the mental challenges that tell your body there is no way on earth anyone should be able to do this, but you do it. You have stared down fear, you perform in front of thousands of people with the bright lights blaring and nowhere to run.

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You go to practice when you want to quit and feel horrible. You have been the underdog. You have felt the intense pressure of being a National Champion and trying to keep that title. You have felt and pushed through the incredible pressure from being on top of the world, and tried to stay there.

Knowing that if you can execute through the intense pressure of everyone gunning for you, it will create the perfect diamond. You have sacrificed parties, dances, Proms, free time, ridicule, all to be the best at what you do with your teammates. You respect and admire the coaches that spend the majority of the time demanding excellence and screaming at you to get every ounce of effort and focus out of you.

You hate them for it and love them all at the same time. You have been blessed to let your talents shine on that stage and you have reached the pinnacle of your craft. You will reach a breaking point during all of this.

I would also ask you to analyze some things. We know you are young and will make some mistakes, but I would ask you to think twice about your actions.

Think about the power of social media.

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Think about the words you choose and the actions you take. When you hide behind that anonymous Twitter handle and spew hate and tear people down who have risen to the top of their craft.

When you try to tear others down because you are tired and worn out from practice, school, other responsibilities. When you are frustrated that others are getting the attention after a tough loss. While you have been so dialed in focusing on your craft, you may have lost sight of those around you, understandably so.

I hope and pray that you notice the little Tiny and Mini that idolizes you. I hope you notice the admiration in their eyes staring up at you. I hope you notice after you complete that last pass. There is a Tiny and a Mini analyzing your every move and only one day hoping to duplicate your skill level.

I hope you watch when they perfect that forward roll or cartwheel and they are so overcome with joy they stumble over themselves in excitement giving their coaches huge hugs.

I only wish that you could see that after those littles come home from practice and competitions they get right back to work creating new routines using your name and the team you represent. When they practice along side you and go for their water break they are longing for you to say hi or give them a high five because to them, you are their biggest hero.

I hope you respect that. We all know you did not ask for this, but suspect somewhere along the line of your success there was someone you looked up to.

Someone you admired and wanted to be like.The Cheerleading Worlds is for Senior level 5 athletes and above, while the Summit is for the top 10% of every other division. Each competition takes place in Orlando, and are considered all star’s most prestigious year end events.

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Cheerleading worlds a dream for

"CHEER Dream moved from We love our Check out this epic Get cheer gear from today!"" Well practice makes perfect" See more. "Cheer Athletics Panthers The Cheerleading Worlds I love this cause this shows that the girl wig the hurt arm is a real true cheerleader cause even though she hurt her arm or hand that doesn't stop her from cheering!".

The first Cheerleading Worlds was held in , and the first Dance Worlds was in “The USASF is excited to partner with FloSports to live stream The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship on its FloCheer channel,” USASF president Jim Chadwick said.

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