Comfort by carolee dean summary

The novel opens in Junewhen Marina is a young woman in Leningrad. The city has just been attacked by Germany, and the staff of the Hermitage, where Marina is a guide, are packing up the museum's treasures to be evacuated to safety. But the novel is also set in the present, when Marina is an old woman in Seattle getting ready for her granddaughter's wedding.

Comfort by carolee dean summary

Dean hasn't spoken to him since introducing Benny and now he wants to go on a hunt. Sam wants to know why Benny is still alive, and Dean tells Sam that Benny, although a vampireis his friend.

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Sam asks why his friend Amy Pond had to die, and Dean admits that he's changed: Sam reminds Dean that she hadn't killed anyone, and Dean tells him that Benny isn't drinking live blood - if Benny slips up and another hunter kills him, though, that's fine.

Sam still isn't happy, but agrees to check out the case in Missouri. As they arrive at the scene, Sam remarks that it doesn't seem like their kind of thing. A woman named Mary Lew went crazy and killed her husband, Chester Lew. Dean thinks it's a case--the man was practically decapitated--and when they get out of the Impala they find another hunter already there: Garth is posing as a Texas ranger and wearing a cowboy hat.

He sees Sam and Dean and gives them both a hug, saying that he missed them. Then his cell phone rings, and a row of different cell phones can be seen in the inner pockets of his jacket when he answers it. On the call, Garth gives advice to another hunter on how to kill a revenant.

Afterwards, Sam asks Garth if he's the new Bobbyand he says that after Bobby died and Sam and Dean disappeared, he stepped in. Dean is upset, but Garth says they can talk about it later. He introduces the brothers to Scott LewMary and Chester's son, but Scott can only tell them that his parents were high school sweethearts - he doesn't know why Mary snapped.

Sam can't find any EMF or sulfur at the scene. Garth reminds him that EMF can fade and any other evidence could have been contaminated. As they talk, Garth steps in something sticky. Sam thinks it might be green ectoplasmand Garth, after taking a quick taste, confirms it.

He then gets a call from the coroner, who tells him that the word "Alcott" was carved into Chester's chest - apparently by Mary's fingernails. They go to question Mary at the hospital, and she tells them that she was at the store last night and then she lost time.

She remembers being full of rage, but not much else. They ask her about "Alcott" and learn she was a woman Chester took to their senior prom after a fight he and Mary had, but that was more than 30 years ago.

Before they question Sara Alcottthey stop for lunch. Garth asks Dean where he's been for the last year, and Dean tells him that he was in Purgatory.

He asks him how he got out, but Dean changes the subject. They learn that Garth was a dentist before he became a hunter, and that his first kill was the Tooth Fairy.


Meanwhile, Scott stops to get coffee at a market. He grabs some cash from his mom's purse and heads inside, where he runs into an old friend named Jeff who gives him condolences and offers his help. Scott mentions some money that Jeff owes him and, green ectoplasm leaking from his ear, splashes him with hot coffee and then kills him with a nearby shovel.

After the attack, Scott sees himself in a mirror, the visage of an old Civil War soldier flickering over his own reflection. Sam, Dean, and Garth arrive on the scene, and Garth is now wearing an old baseball hat. When Dean realizes it was Bobby's, he snatches it off Garth's head, saying that he's wearing it wrong.

They learn from the sheriff that Scott doesn't remember much except a white-hot rage, and his face is obscured by a strange glitch on the market's security footage.

He also wrote the word "Sussex" in Jeff's blood, so they decide to split up: Sam learns from Sara that, though she and Chester had sex on prom night, nothing else came of it and he married Mary soon after.

Mary never really got over Chester's indiscretion, though. As he's leaving Sara's house, Sam remembers a moment with Amelia. They'd just had sex for the first time, and she told him about her husband, Don.

Don died in Afghanistan, and afterwards she hadn't been able to endure everyone's pity, so she'd moved. Dean and Garth are researching, and Garth asks if Dean wants to talk about whatever is going on between him and Sam.Spring Comfort a young adult novel published by Houghton Mifflin.

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Comfort by carolee dean summary

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Comfort by carolee dean summary

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