Congo war

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Congo war

Rwanda[ edit ] According to expert observers, as well as Kagame himself, Rwanda played the largest role of a foreign actor, if not the largest role of all, in the First Congo War.

Congo war

Kigali was instrumental in the formation of the AFDL and sent its own troops to fight alongside the rebels. While partially a means to minimize the threat in eastern Zaire, the new Rwandan state also sought to set up a puppet regime in Kinshasa.

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Kigali was further aided by the tacit support of the United States, which supported Congo war as a member of the new generation of African leaders. Some authors have proposed that dismantling refugee camps was a means of replenishing Rwanda's depleted population and workforce following the genocide; because the destruction of the camps was followed by forced repatriation of Tutsi regardless of whether they were Rwandan or Zairian.

The history of conflict in the Congo is often associated with illegal resource exploitation but, although Rwanda did benefit financially by plundering Zaire's wealth, [42] this is not usually considered their initial motivation for Rwandan intervention in the First Congo War.

Given their historical ties, the Rwandan and Ugandan Congo war were closely allied and Museveni worked closely with Kagame throughout the First Congo War. The Angolan government chose to act primarily through Katangese gendarmes called the Tigres, proxy groups formed from the remnants of police units exiled from Zaire, fighting to return to their homeland.

Regardless of the reasoning in Kinshasa, Angola entered the war on the side of the rebels and was determined to overthrow the Mobutu government, which it saw as the only way to address the threat posed by the Zairian-UNITA relationship.

The greatest impact that it had on the war was probably that it gave Angola reason to join the anti-Mobutu coalition.

Burundiwhich had recently come under the rule of a pro-Tutsi leader, supported Rwandan and Ugandan involvement in Zaire but provided very limited military support.

Other than from UNITA, Mobutu also received some aid from Sudanwhom Mobutu had long supported against the SPLA, though the exact amount of aid is unclear and ultimately was unable to hinder the advance of opposing forces.

There was a pause in the rebel advance following the acquisition of this buffer territory that lasted until Angola entered the war in February It also captured many lucrative diamond and coltan mines, which it later resisted relinquishing.

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The first, and most probable, is that Angola had joined the anti-Mobutu coalition, giving it numbers and strength far superior to the FAZ, and demanding that Mobutu be removed from power. Kagame presents another, possibly secondary, reason for the march on Kinshasa: Whatever the case, once the advance resumed inthere was virtually no meaningful resistance from what was left of Mobutu's army.

Kabila's forces were only held back by the dreadful state of Zaire's infrastructure. In some areas, no real roads existed; the only means of transport were infrequently used dirt paths.

The northern one took KisanganiBoendeand Mbandakawhile the southern one took Bakwangaand Kikwit. Sudan-allied Ugandan insurgent groups which had been based in the region were forced to retreat into southern Sudan alongside FAZ troops that had not yet surrendered and a smaller number of Sudanese Armed Forces SAF soldiers.

The column of about 4, fighters and their families was ambushed by the SPLA on 12 March, and mostly destroyed; 2, were killed, and over 1, captured.

Origin of the Second Congo War

The survivors fled to Juba. By the time the Eritreans arrived at Kinshasa along the AFDL, they were exhausted, starving and ill, having suffered heavy casualities as result.

They had to be evacuated from the country by the war's end. However, the AFDL did not take these negotiations seriously but instead partook so as to avoid international criticism for being unwilling to attempt a diplomatic solution while actually continuing its steady advance.

Mobutu fled first to his palace at Gbadolite and then to RabatMoroccowhere he died on 7 September This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Nov 08,  · Despite vaccination efforts in eastern Congo, Ebola is spreading in the region as a conflict between militant groups and government forces hamper access to .

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The previous president, Laurent Kabila, lost power when a bodyguard shot him in The president before that, Mobutu Sese Seko, was overthrown by. BOYS in the Congo have been forced to rape their mothers while blood-drinking soldiers have eaten human flesh, a disturbing new report has revealed.

Starving and sick, people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo are caught in a bloody cycle of violence and political turmoil. Boys in the Congo were forced to rape their mothers while blood-drinking soldiers feasted on the flesh of dying victims, a nightmarish new report claims.

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