Controversy between dr stockmann and the people in henrik ibsens play an enemy of the people

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Controversy between dr stockmann and the people in henrik ibsens play an enemy of the people

Act I[ edit ] In Dr. Stockmann is entertaining dinner guests.

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As the evening progresses, Dr. Stockmann and his two sons Ejlif and Morten return from a walk. As they all gather in the house, the Mayor needs to confront his brother about an article regarding the town health baths and the rumors that have been raised about them being contaminated. The brothers argue about their positions on hiding the truth and shaping the truth to get the results that are convenient.

Stockmann reads the letter, he discovers his suspicions were right and the water from the baths is in fact contaminated.

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Hovstad agrees to print the article and unfold the story. Stockmann is overwhelmed with all that has happened and quickly believes he is the savior of the town.

Act II[ edit ] The next morning in Dr. Stockmann tells her husband that his brother Peter will stop by to talk about the baths. Kiil believes that notion that the baths are tainted is too ridiculous to be believed, and certainly not by the mayor.

Hovstad and the printer Aslaksen visit the house as well to reinforce their commitment to the doctor and extend their gratitude. The new alliance between the newspaper and Dr.

Stockmann has a deeper interest than just the baths. The newspaper wants to confront the government of the town and expose the corruption that happens behind closed doors, and this opportunity is a way to start.


Peter the mayor enters the house, and everything becomes tense. Stockmann that if he proceeds with this article and exposes this information to the town, he will be partially culpable for the ruin of the town. Stockmann of being selfish and not thinking of the bigger picture. Stockmann to retract himself from this article and to solve this problem in a more quiet way.

Peter reiterates that there will be terrible consequences for him and his family. They are ready to proceed and help bring the privileged classes down.

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They are realizing that printing this article will do more damage than help with the situation. Instead, the newspaper is now on the side of the mayor, and has decided to print a statement of him talking about the baths and how good they are. Out of desperation, Dr.An Enemy of the People study guide contains a biography of Henrik Ibsen, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Dr. Stockmann, the protagonist of An Enemy of the People, harshly criticizes just the sort of liberal media that had talked smack about Ghosts.

Controversy between dr stockmann and the people in henrik ibsens play an enemy of the people

Chances are this isn't just a random coincidence. We know from a series of letters that many of the ideas spouted by Dr. Stockmann, were very close to Ibsen's own opinions.

Start studying An Enemy Of The People Quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What role does Dr. Stockmann serve in the play? this meeting of citizens declares Dr. Thomas Stockmann to be an enemy of the people.

(Shouts and applause.). The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann's brother, does not believe the report and refuses to close the baths because it will cause the financial ruin of the town. Dr. Stockmann tries to take his case to the people, but the mayor intercedes and explains to the people how much it will cost to repair the baths.


An Enemy of the People, published in , is Henrik Ibsen's response to the public reception of, and the critical assault upon, his preceding play, Ghosts ()—a play about sexual vice, moral corruption, and . In An Enemy of the People, Dr. Thomas Stockmann is chief medical officer at The Baths, a health resort that is soon to open.

Though he first conceived the idea of developing this resort, his older.

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