Cultural misorientation

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Cultural misorientation

Jerome H Schiele Languange: Discover how human services professionals can help to eliminate cultural oppression!

Cultural misorientation

Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm presents a new way of understanding human behavior, attacking Cultural misorientation problems, and exploring social issues. This excellent guide shows that understanding the simultaneous forces of oppression and spiritual alienation in American society serves as a foundation for understanding the societal problems here.

The first book to offer a comprehensive exposition of how the Afrocentric paradigm can be used by human service professionals and community advocates, Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm discusses why and how human service work is hampered by Eurocentric cultural values and will help you to offer fair and effective services to your clients.

Human Services and the Afrocentric Paradigm provides you with a concrete discription of how the Afrocentric model can be applied in human services to help people of all races and ethnicities.

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You will expand and diversify your knowledge base in human services by understanding the cultural values, traditions, and experiences of people of African ancestry.

Some of the issues and concepts in the Afrocentric paradigm that you will explore are: This timely and relevant worldview is thoroughly explained to assist you in better serving people of color.

The Afrocentric paradigm will help human services practitioners, administrators, policy advocates, analysts, educators, and black studies professors and students achieve educational and treatment objectives by showing you the importance of various cultural values and how to integrate them to make a difference! Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology PSY/ April 20, Michele Wagner Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Cross-cultural psychology is the psychological practice that focuses on the study of the cultural effects on human psychology.

It requires researchers to draw conclusions by using samples from multiple cultures (Shiraev & Levy, ). PDF | On Jan 1, , DeReef F. Jamison and others published Cultural Misorientation.

Cultural misorientation

The conceptual and theoretical framework for this study is based upon an African-centered paradigm that equates normative Black mental health functioning with cognitive behaviors that are harmonious with the genuine necessities and social obligations of the overall African community (Baldwin, cultural diversity that focus on truly improving the lives of all of the population.

Thus, the growing body of psychological literature focused on African American personality will be. Cultural misorientation, which is the overidentification with European culture among people of African descent, emerges as a conceptual framework that seeks to explain the conflicts and contradictions that arise as a result of the intentional distortion of African selfconsciousness.

In this study, 72 African-American males completed measures of African Self-Consciousness (ASC), Cultural Misorientation (CM), Hypermasculinity (HM), and a Rap Music Preference Index developed specifically for this study. It was expected that preferences for different types of rap music would vary according to levels of ASC, CM, and HM.

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