Essay on role of youth in national building

The Middle Managers of Murder Introduction Bureaucracy is not unique to Germany, however its application by the National Socialists as a tool of totalitarian oppression is peerless. Comparisons are often made between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union, but Stalin purged the ranks of the military as well as civil bureaucracies, whereas Hitler preferred to work with the established bureaucracy in deference to expediency. The rapid rearmament of Germany and mobilization for war required that the Nazi regime make use of the existing administrative machinery [ 1 ]. The German quest for Lebensraum living space meant more than defeating external enemies as would be the case in a traditional war.

Essay on role of youth in national building

Nigeria is a maritime nation with a coast line of about nautical miles nm and Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ of nm, which translates to an area of about nm2 available to be explored and exploited. In this area lies abundant living resources like fish, which accounts for about 40 per cent of total animal protein in the diet of the average Nigerian and non-living resources such as oil, that accounts for about 95 per cent of Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings.

Apart from these resources, there are several seaports and oil terminals which serve as gateway to the nation with the rest of the world. In addition is the large volume of shipping activities due to the nation's import oriented economy and commercial fishing fleet.

The proposal by some entrepreneurs to site refineries in Lagos, Edo, Bayelsa, and Akwa Ibom States in addition to the existing ones in this area will further increase the activities and interest in the Maritime Environment ME.

This underscores the economic importance of the ME to the nation. The British Handbook BR defines ME as the coastal sea areas and that portion of the land, which is susceptible to influence or support from the sea, generally recognized as the region which horizontally encompasses the land- water mass interface from km ashore to nm at sea, and extending vertically into space from the bottom of the ocean and from the land surface.

This area is often referred to as the littoral.

Role of Youth in National Development

The increased interests and activities in this area most often leads to several unwholesome activities which threatens the unhindered harvesting of the resources in the area. Consequently this area needs to be secured and protected for the continuous harnessing of the resources for economic development.

The security and protection of economic interests in the ME world wide is the primary responsibility of navies or coastguards. According to JR Hill, 'the basic interests of all coastal states navies and other forces like coastguards charged with the responsibility of policing the waters of a nation is to attempt to further the basic interests of the coastal state, namely the extension of sovereignty, resource enjoyment in contiguous areas and the maintenance of good order'.

Admiral Adekeye asserted that the NN is the statutory, chief custodian of the defence and security of the nation's economic base as most of the resources that contribute immensely to the nation's economy are in the ME. According to Welch 'economic development facilitates nation building and nation building facilitates development'.

Thus there is a close relationship between development and nation building. The NN hence contributes directly to nation building by securing the ME and also complimenting other sectors of the society in nation building by using her excess capacity in manpower and resources for the economic development of the nation.

The meaning of nation building is quite confusing as most writers see nation building as an element of post conflict policy after military intervention in a country by external agents while others see nation building as the province of people within a nation. Vorster JM, identified '4 pillars for a successful and sustainable nation building which are economic development, political development, moral development and development in education and training'.

This paper views nation building as the process of achieving economic growth and development of a nation through the development of institutions, infrastructure, economy and social cohesion.

The role of the NN in nation building would, therefore, be stated as the contributions of the NN to Nigeria's efforts in nation building. The NN contribution to the process of nation building in Nigeria is fraught with several challenges that need to be examined to bring about improvement.

The purpose of this paper therefore, is to reappraise the role of the NN in the nation building process in Nigeria. This paper will be limited to the role of the NN in harnessing the economic resources in the ME towards nation building in Nigeria.

The aim of this paper is to discuss the role of the NN in nation building with a view to making recommendations.

This paper will cover: Economic Interests in Nigeria's ME. The Roles of the NN. NN Contribution to Nation Building. The economic interest in Nigeria's ME are namely; natural resources, oil and gas installations, shipping and strategic national assets. The natural resources in Nigeria's ME include fish, hydrocarbons and minerals.

The harvesting of fish would contribute greatly to the protein requirement of the population while that of hydrocarbons would provide employment opportunities.

More videos from this event are available here.. Overview. The National Rural Assembly was held on May , More than rural practitioners and advocates from 35 states attended. The focus of this meeting was how we build a more inclusive nation, viewed through a lens of civic courage. The youth of a country have a significant impact on national growth. Tendencies toward free enterprise, equal rights and humanitarian issues are dictated by the current ruling population. This group changes every few decades, as the youth of a nation grow up and . Jun 11,  · In conclusion, the role of the youth in the nation building is crucial. They are problem solvers, have a positive influence on other young people and the nation, and are extremely ambitious.

Hence new oil fields are discovered and developed almost every year because of huge reserve of oil in Nigeria's waters. Though the country is blessed with mineral resources such as nickel, manganese noodles and cobalt, the records of their exploration remain shrouded.

Thus Nigeria still has a lot of untapped resources for future generations. Oil and Gas Installations The exploration, exploitation and transportation of oil and gas have given rise to several external structures which include a conglomeration of pipelines, oil platforms, tank farms, oil rigs and terminals located in the ME.

Essay on role of youth in national building

These structures are not only capital intensive to acquire but are used for the drilling, transportation, storage of oil for export and local consumption.

The oil sector drives the nation's economy.Successful Youth Summit Could Lead to Annual Event Youth Feel Heard, Energized at First-Ever Summit >Applications are closed!Youth Summit is designed for First Nations, Métis, Inuit and non-Indigenous Youth from across Canada within the age group of .

The term – nation building or national development, is usually used to refer to a constructive process of engaging all citizens in building social cohesion, economic prosperity and political stability in a nation in an inclusive and democratic way.

Role Of Students in Nation Building. The future of India depends on our students. a country’s name and fame rest on the youth. If the power of young men or students is directed to constructive purposes, the whole nation will move to all round development.

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The youth of a nation shapes and moulds its present and paves the way for its future. The young generation shoulders a huge chunk of the responsibility of nation building; not the politicians or the policy makers alone. It would be more accurate to say that the youth working in tandem with the.

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