Global hr practices essay

Future Global Trends Affecting Your Organization Engaging and Integrating a Global Workforce Challenges for human resource management and global business strategy More than ever in history, companies and organizations today face both the opportunity and the challenge of employing global workforces that diverge in age, gender, education and culture. This paper has shown how and why workforces will continue to comprise these differing attributes, as well as the advantages and pitfalls.

Global hr practices essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Techniques and Practices of Management Accounting Essay Sample Study of the application of management accounting in manufacturing sectors of Pakistan Abstract The world is now getting global; markets are far more competitive, new technologies have been introduced in manufacturing sectors, firms are more customer oriented, firms divert their attention toward the long-term growth strategies and want to remain profitable as much as they can.

These factors lead firms toward a change of their management accounting practices from traditional to the new one because survival without innovation in this globally competitive world is impossible.

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These factors matter a lot for business, but there are other factors which are also under our consideration like the size of firms, the structure of firms, no of professional accountants, resources of firms, external environment of firms all these factors have a direct relationship with the usage of new and innovative management accounting practices.

The aim of conducting this study was to find out that to what manufacturing companies of Pakistan are using extent management accounting techniques. For this study, we have taken a sample of 10 individual listed manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

The questionnaires were developed for getting the data from respondents in these firms, all the data was gathered through the telephonic source. Introduction The researcher is always motivated toward the understanding of changes which are accruing in management accounting practices and its applications in this changing world.

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The technology is prevailing in every aspect of life and also in the most of modern businesses. Change in these variables is directly related to the application of modern management accounting techniques.

So for the understanding of how the change in these variable affects the usage of management accounting practices in the manufacturing sector of Pakistan, we have selected ten different listed manufacturing companies of Pakistan. These companies includes Ghazi Fabrics which belongs to personal goods textile area, Engro Polymer which belongs to Chemical sector, Shezan International which belongs to food product sector, Tariq Glass which belongs to Glass Industry, Ghani Global which also belongs to Glass producing sector, Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd which belongs to paint producing industry, Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd which belongs to sugar-producing factors, Nirala Foods which belongs to food-producing sector, Safe Mix Concrete Ltd which belongs to construction sector, Pakistan Gum and Chemicals Limited which belongs to chemical sector.

Through literature review, we were able to find the variables that affect management accounting this variable includes technology, size of firms, and structure of firms, no of professional accountants, globalization, external environment, and resources. On the bases of these variables, we have developed hypotheses Technology change has a direct association with the use of management accounting practices by the companies.

Size of companies is associated with the use of management accounting practices by the companies. Globalization cause companies to use different management accounting practices. The more competitive environment will drive organizations towards change in their traditional management accounting techniques.

Challenges for human resource management and global business strategy - Future HR Trends

More celebrated the no of resources of firms are directly related to the evolution of management accounting techniques. The structure of companies has an association with the use of management accounting techniques Literature review Many researchers had done researches on the change in management accounting practices which are caused by different variables in different time periods.

So we have included seven factors which show the relevance of our topic. Technology Technology is the most critical factor that can affect the management accounting, with the advent of new technology the managerial accountants can record the product cost related data of their companies more quickly and the data interpretation is now more accurate, more efficient and decision making is now speedup due to the technology Emmanuel et al.

Now firms are diversifying and can create various products at the same time with the utilization of technology in their manufacturing processes if management accountants continue to use the traditional overhead techniques to allocate the overhead costs to the products this will raise the price of the products which their firms offer to their customers and the higher price of the product can be a problem if competitor is offering the same quality product at the lower price this will result in loss of potential market share.

For overcoming this situation, firms now use activity-based costing ABC which makes them able to compete effectively in the market due to ABC firms can deliver a competitive product to the market which is necessary for their long-term existence Emmanuel et al.

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Size of the firm Size of a firm also an essential factor that has a profound impact on the management accounting. Most of the large firms adopt changes more rapidly as compared to small firms. Large firms have an immense amount of capital and they can take more risks, for managing this massive amount of money and high level of risks firms need highly competitive management accountants who can make sure firms long-term existence, by using their in-depth knowledge of management accounting in managing of that high level of risks and capital Ko et al.

Global hr practices essay

The structure of firms The structure of an organization affects the management practices. There are two types of organizational structures centralized and decentralized Catelin, In decentralized organization management accountants are supported if they want some changes in the regular accounting practices Chenhall Global Human Capital Management Best Practices.

Please credit all quotes and references from this publication as “Sierra-Cedar Global Human Capital Management Best Practices White Paper” by Lexy Martin and Stacey Harris, Vice Presidents, Research and Analytics at Adopting global HR best practices can help organizations manage .

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Additional Resources. Founding Documents. Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. Bill of Rights. Management Policies and Practices in the United States recovering from the recent global financial crisis.

4. 5 practices, including the role of the HR department through recruitment.

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