Gorbachev biography

Both of Gorbachev's grandfathers were arrested—his maternal in and his paternal in —and both spent time in Gulag labour camps prior to being released. In June the German Army invaded the country; they occupied Privolnoe for four and a half months in I promise to be faithful to the great cause of Lenin and Stalin, to devote my entire life to the party's struggle for Communism.

Gorbachev biography

Privolnoe, Russia Russian politician and president Mikhail Gorbachev achieved national recognition as member of the Communist Party, the dominant political party of the former Soviet Mikhail Gorbachev. Union that believes in the common ownership of goods and services.

He resigned in shortly after the fall of communism. As a teenager, he worked driving farm machinery at a local machine-tractor station. Gorbachev's experience here undoubtedly educated him well about the serious problems of food production and political administration in the countryside. He also became familiar with the control of the KGB the Soviet secret policeknowledge which Gorbachev biography serve him well in his future career.

In Gorbachev joined the Communist Party and began studies at the Moscow State University, where he graduated from the law division in He also met and married fellow student Raisa Titorenko, in With Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin's — death, the Soviet Union began a period of political and intellectual unrest which paved the way for a major restructuring of the Soviet Union's political system and economic administration.

For young party activists like Gorbachev this was a period of exciting changes and challenges. After his graduation Gorbachev returned to Stavropol as an organizer for the Komsomol Young Communist League and began a successful career as a party administrator and regional leader.

Gorbachev biography

In he was promoted to the post of party organizer for collective and state farms in the Stavropol region and soon took on major responsibilities for the Stavropol city committee as well.

Party leader Leonid Brezhnev — rewarded his ability by appointing him Stavropol first secretary inroughly equivalent to mayor. Climbing the party ladder After gaining additional political training Gorbachev moved quickly to assume direction of the party in the entire Stavropol region.

In he assumed the important post of first secretary for the Stavropol Territorial Party Committee. This position, which is similar to a governor in the United States, proved a stepping stone to Central Committee membership and national recognition.

Gorbachev was assisted in his rise to national power by close associations with Yuri Andropov —who was also from the Stavropol region, and Mikhail Suslov, the party's principal ideologist. Inat the request of Brezhnez, Gorbachev went to Moscow as a party secretary responsible for agricultural administration.

Despite problems with agriculture in the Soviet Union at this time, Gorbachev gained a solid reputation as an energetic and informed politician. His activist style was just the thing to oppose most of the aging leaders in the Kremlin, a building in Moscow which houses the government.

Gorbachev biography

The political rise of Yuri Andropov after the death of Leonid Brezhnev in January greatly strengthened the position of the up-and-coming Gorbachev as both men showed impatience with outdated practices and inefficiencies of the Soviet Union's economy.

In OctoberGorbachev became a member of the ruling Politburo, the small group at the top of the Communist Party. A new type of Soviet leader?Historical biographies written for kids.

Learn the life story and biography of influencial people: US Presidents, World Leaders, Inventors, Women, Artists, Civil Rights heroes. Biography: Mikhail Gorbachev was the last leader of the Soviet Union before it dissolved in He brought many reforms to the Soviet Union including new freedoms which eventually led to many countries breaking away from the union claiming independence.

In the Russian language the word glasnost (/ ˈ ɡ l æ z n ɒ s t /; Russian: гла́сность, IPA: [ˈɡɫasnəsʲtʲ] ()) has several general and specific attheheels.com has been used in Russian to mean "openness and transparency" since at least the end of the eighteenth century. In the Russian Empire of the lateth century, the term was particularly associated with reforms of the.

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Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev was born into a peasant family in the village of Privolnoe, near Stavropol, Soviet Union, on March 2, As a teenager, he worked driving farm machinery at a local machine-tractor station. Gorbachev's experience here undoubtedly educated him well about the serious.

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