How to write api in code igniter css

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How to write api in code igniter css

This tutorial shows you how to fetch data from database in codeigniter. Codeigniter comes with a comprehensive query builder interface to build complex and database-independent queries.

And its Active Records library offers a bunch of functions to form wide range of select queries to read data from database. CodeIgniter Select Query Example: This is the general format for writing select query in code igniter. There are multiple variations of this where function in codeigniter and let's see them later in this tutorial.

Let's take this below mysql table as an example for writing select query in codeigniter. Here is a select query with where clause that retrieves data of a specific record from the given table. You can apply multiple where conditions in a single select query.

Below code igniter select query example uses multiple where clause combined with AND keyword. Here is a query example with like clause. Codeigniter Select Query with Limit: Join queries are used to combine and retrieve data from two or more tables.

Here is the example for codeigniter select query with join. Codeigniter Select Query with Order By: You can simply shorten code igniter active record queries using method chaining.CodeIgniter comes with XSS filtering security.

This filter will prevent any malicious JavaScript code or any other code that attempts to hijack cookie and do malicious activities. To filter data through the XSS filter, use the xss_clean() method as shown below. Upload File from Rest client to codeigniter.

March 28, , at PM. I know it could be a duplicate but i need a bit more help in that. I have started working on making api for an android application in codeigniter.

And currently working on making api for uploading an image.. how to write chinese caracters into mysql with hibernate? Hi Boss, if i use echo base_uri() showing empty page. if i use echo base_url() showing content without CSS format.

Please tell me now what i need to do. better to choose any simple framework like codeigniter, laravel will be really easier if you use a framework to manage your API. Take a look at Laravel, Laravel 4 based REST API or a list of popular php rest api frameworks that can be used to build one.

Jun 16,  · CodeIgniter Join Query Example. JOIN Queries (or JOIN Statements) are used to combine data from two or more database tables using a common field name. Either output the Javascript to the page or write it to a file. Drawing Manager library integration; Add traffic, bicycling and Panoramio overlays.

Add directions by specifying a start and end point, as well as having the option to output the textual directions to a separate element on the page. Caching of Geocode requests.

how to write api in code igniter css
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