Mexic business protocol

Google plus Mexico business etiquette and Mexico business culture I have considerable experience in doing business in Mexico, between American and Mexican executives, and over the years I have identified a number of practical concerns. Factors and differences that, if ignored, can result in maybe an amusing situation, but more likely missed business opportunities. This conversation will likely occur between two high-ranking executives, as Mexicans tend to make business deals at the highest levels.

Mexic business protocol

Doing Business Personal relationships always come first here, so developing rapport and trust is essential.

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A handshake and personal greeting is appropriate along with a friendly inquiry about family, especially if you have met the family. Always be respectful toward colleagues in public and keep confrontations private.

Meetings may or may not start on time, but you should be patient. Your offers to pick up the tab at Mexic business protocol lunches or dinners will be greatly appreciated but will probably be declined; as a guest in their country, most Mexicans will want to treat you to the meal.

Be prepared to exchange business cards, and feel free to offer yours first. Professional attire tends to be on the conservative side.

Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Customs In the United States and elsewhere in the Western world, being direct, efficient, and succinct is highly valued. But Mexican communication tends to be more subtle, and the direct style of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans is often perceived as curt and aggressive.

Mexicans are extremely polite, so losing your temper over delays or complaining loudly will get you branded as rude and make people less inclined to help you.

Mexic business protocol

In restaurants, for example, a waiter would never consider bringing you the check before you ask for it; that would be pushy. Learning basic phrases in Spanish such as por favor please and gracias thank you will make a big difference in how people respond to you.

Also, being deferential to those who are older than you will earn you lots of points. Greetings Mexicans are extremely polite and ceremonious. When in doubt, shake hands. However, so few gringos speak Spanish that any courteous attempt to speak Spanish is acceptable although using the correct pronoun is, naturally, best.

Sightseeing Although shorts are permissible in churches, short shorts and skimpy tops are frowned upon. Out on the Town Mexicans call waiters joven literally, young man no matter how old they are.

Doing Business in Mexico: Culture Differences to Watch for

Mexicans tend to dress nicely for a night out, but in tourist areas, dress codes are mainly upheld only at the more sophisticated discotheques. Some restaurants have separate smoking sections, but in smaller establishments you can usually smoke.Mexico Health, Safety Environment Legal Compliance Audit Protocol By Jonathan Brun, October 25th, In partnership with our affiliate, Isosceles Group, we are happy to announce the addition of audit protocols for legal compliance to environmental, health and safety standards and laws in is a growing economic power and a fascinating country to visit, we hope your inspection or.

U.S. businesspeople have more and more reasons for doing business in Mexico. To be successful, however, they need to keep in mind cultural . Mexican Dining Etiquette. Learn or review dining etiquette for Mexico. Topics for include, among others, mealtimes and typical food, national drinks, toasts, table manners, tipping etiquette, business lunch etiquette, host etiquette, guest etiquette, regional differences, dining etiquette in the home, and dining etiquette at a restaurant.

Mexico Business Etiquette, Culture, & Manners This is your "business family" connection, the person who will introduce you. This person is the bridge that builds the trust necessary to do business in Mexico.

Mexicans are warm and gracious. They. Business gift giving in Mexico is not usually required, but it is appreciated and viewed as a gesture of good will.

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A suitable gift for an initial visit is a gift with your company's logo, and for following visits a bottle of wine or scotch. Business profits in general are taxable in the other country only to the extent attributable to a permanent establishment there, and then only on a net basis with deductions for business expenses.

Where the Convention requires Mexico to exempt or reduce its tax on Mexican income of a U.S.

Doing Business in Mexico: Understanding Mexican Business Culture & Etiquette