Pitfalls of the american dream in

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Pitfalls of the american dream in

It encompasses the special informal celebration of fatherhood by individual children in posthumous observances to the more formal governmental fiat set to dates of a venerated national patriarch or that which is legislated or government-sanctioned, such as the third Sunday in June by the US Congress or the Second Sunday in August as in Brazil.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the unique contribution fathers make to the development and well-being of their progeny.

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From the perspective of our faith tradition we also remember that even if we do not have the benefit of a relationship with our biological father, we do have a Spiritual Father who created all of us.

Further, like a biological father, our Spiritual Father looks out for, provides for, protects, and corrects us. Biblical Interpretation for Preaching and Worship: No, really I am. This was more than the mantra of an international movement in resistance to the unjust state-sanctioned murder of this young man whose guilt was not proven beyond the shadow of any doubt.

Part of his story is the story too often repeated ad-infinitum, adnauseum, regarding African American males.

I grew up with my father in the household with me.

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This form of correction is far removed from that which Solomon refers to in Proverbs 3: Hence, I deeply abhor and reject its claims to legitimacy or credibility. I am, you are, we are Troy Anthony Davis.

Pitfalls of the american dream in

Solomon authors much of the collection of sage sayings, didactic iambic pentameters, and cryptic sayings called Proverbs, reflecting unparalleled wisdom divinely dispensed to him 1 Kings 3: Explicit and implicit are the two simultaneous sources of fatherly direction Solomon may have drawn from in the scripting of these compiled musings.

Ultimately, God is the one source. Wise counsel, even today. It is a cautionary tale useful for modern fathers.

The Solomon who is given instructions by his father King David 1 Kings 2is in no position to give instructions to his successor and son Rehoboam 1 Kings Perhaps Israel would not have been split into a Northern and Southern Kingdom 1 Kings 13 had Solomon followed his own words in Proverb 3: Fathers are called upon to walk the walk and talk the talk.

In other words, they must show consistent character.

Pitfalls of the american dream in

Teaching a child through discipline involves being a godly example as much as anything else. When fathers discipline their children, they are seeking to prepare them to be kingdom citizens and positive contributing citizens on earth.

They are also teaching them that actions have consequences and that God will not tolerate ungodly behavior.

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