Punishment and homecoming

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Punishment and homecoming

Chaquoya Brown and her family blame small town politics for what they believe is an unfair punishment.

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The battle began in August when Brown, a recent graduate, stopped by during the lunch period as a visitor to see her sister and say goodbye to friends before she left to head north to Kennesaw State University, where she attends college.

The enforcement of the trespass means she could be arrested at any point for walking back on school property; she noted the school system had to grant her a one-night reprieve last fall so she could come back and crown the next homecoming queen.

She kept her distance from him to keep from having a confrontation. She said this time, to protect herself, she recorded audio on her cellphone.

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In Georgia, one-party consent is legal for audio recordings. She said the incident took place after school in the visitors parking lot. You told me after school hours. Yes, but then you got mouthy with me when you were leaving so you can go.

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Like right now you got to get in your car. Did you hear me? School bell rings Brown: Brown also recorded part of her conversation with the officer who arrived.

Brown was 17 years old the day the incident happened and was legally a minor when she was asked to sign the trespass warning.

She signed it, but noted she was "not in agreement. How do you leave as instructed and still get a criminal trespassing warning?

Folkston Police Chief Wesley Green "She was asked to leave, she refused to leave by the school administrator.

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We asked her to leave, she refused to leave and, at that point we could arrest her. No one is above the law. The chief explains that under the law, the only way to amend the final trespass is for the school system to write a letter expressing that Chaquoya Brown is allowed back on the property.

However, in doing so, the school system then assumes all liability for her actions in the future.

Punishment and homecoming

He also represents the city of Folkston which includes the Folkston Police Department. Brooks declined to speak on camera. We directed our questions to the school district. So far, neither Brooks nor Charlton County Superintendent John Lairsey have said anything about backing off from the trespass citation.

Punishment and homecoming

This is standard practice by the I-TEAM when we are investigating any person who holds a job funded by taxpayers. The district said there have been no formal complaints filed against Popham since he was hired in and later promoted.

His tenure is described as "exemplary. Brooks responded on their behalf writing, in part, the incidents were in no way related, adding, "Mr. Popham accepted responsibility and suffered the consequences Outside legal analysis For perspective, we talked spoke with an attorney not affiliated with the case, Jacksonville lawyer John Phillips, who is also licensed to practice law in Georgia.

He believes the Brown family should have hired an attorney to fight the trespass in court although Phillips admitted that in such an interconnected town, it could have proved challenging. It sounds like she waived her right to a hearing on that," Phillips said.

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Punishment vs. Rehabilitation The criminal justice system comprises many distinct stages, including arrest, prosecution, trial, sentencing, and punishment, quite often in the form of imprisonment.

As will become clear, it is in the last two of these many stages that the debate over rehabilitation and retribution is of special significance.

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