Rat rod project

Rat Rod Coupe About Rat Hot Rod Project Soon after the art of taking broken down and inexpensive vehicles and transforming them into high-performance hot rods became popular among teenagers and young adults who had skill but not a tremendous amount of money, the upper class started pouring cash into making expensive versions that were put on display and never actually driven. For those who still valued the true meaning of the hot rod, a rat hot rod project became a way to respond to what they saw as a waste of vehicles. Rat hot rod project cars show off the inner workings, putting the enhanced engines and customized interiors on display, as the cars take to the streets rather than just sitting idle as a part of a collection.

Rat rod project

Your hub for horsepower Get first access to Rat rod project shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now Our story starts much earlier, however, when Jonathan learned how to detail as a preteen.

Jonathan taught himself most everything after that and developed a knack for fixing body shop mistakes. He picked up big contracts and evolved into making enough money to supply his racing addiction.

Once he turned 18, he picked up more driving gigs including seat time with BMW and vintage road racing. I worked to pay fuel bills, hotel bills, tire bills, and for things I broke. He said local shops refused to hire him, so he began to work for himself.

The local paint-supply business required a shop name in order to purchase paint, so Jonathan had the bright idea to start his own. Despite many discussions amongst friends, Jonathan and team refuse to paint it. Road racing took a back seat to marriage and family as the business grew.

Now, the muscle rat is the shop vehicle that is driven on most occasions. We drive the car, play with it, enjoy it. The original ci Windsor was rebuilt 8, miles ago. Dimensions remain about the same with a mild.

The rods and pistons are courtesy of Eagle Specialty Products, and the combination now results in a The cam is a special-order from Comp, with a combination Jonathan came up with after his years of racing.

He says it works best with an automatic. Comp double springs, retainers, and 1. The short-block is topped with GT40 heads and a port-matched Edelbrock Performer intake. Fueling comes from a Holleywhich Jonathan went through and says now pushes about cfm. An Edelbrock water pump plumbs into a generic three-core aluminum radiator with a Flex-a-lite fan and no shroud.

This lowers the center of gravity of the car and adds camber gain in the corners, a trick Carroll Shelby started with the G. Jonathan reached into his old shelves of race car parts for a set of Maier Racing lb coil springs, and called CJ Pony Parts for single-adjustable Koni Classic shocks.

Up front is a one-inch sway bar. A 1-inch lower block and 1-inch drop 4. The ride height was never measured before and after, but Jonathan guesses the combination results in about inches of drop compared to stock. The stock 9-inch rear axle features a 3: Brakes The aluminum Cragars, black with a polished machine lip, measure 17 x 8 inches with 4.

Stopping power comes courtesy of NOS Kelsey Hayes Shelby brakes, with a non-power master cylinder and inch rotors with two-piston calipers. This set up was available on Shelby GT s. Interior The only thing modern about this Mustang is the aftermarket CD player, speakers, and amp mounted in the trunk.

Jonathan and Terry got lucky with a set of NOS original seats in immaculate condition.

Rat rod project

The door panels were replaced along with a new carpet. Jonathan Bridwell and Terry Howard are best friends. A 3-core radiator keeps the freshened small-block cool on the hot Southern days.

The gauges originally featured a clock, which had to go. Jonathan and Terry recessed some AutoMeter Phantom gauges into the factory binnacle. You may find this Mustang tearing up a Southern dirt road.

Rat rod project

Stallion Autosport is located in the woods of South Carolina. The aluminum Cragars, black with a polished machine lip, measure 17 x 8 inches with 4. The only thing modern about this Mustang is the aftermarket CD player, speakers, and amp mounted in the trunk.turbocharged Chevy Truck Rat Rod Project or Part Out Price: $6, Description: Chevy truck body Late s Chevy ton 2wd .

Rat rod or hotrod project, Solid steel body, Great structural integrity, nice project. $2, Email for more info and pics [email protected] *SOLD* Model A Ford 2 dr, 5 Window Coupe Nice 29 A Ford coupe body with nice sheet metal and structural integrity and some rust in fender wells.

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PROJECT CARS FOR SALE. Click For More Photos: Ford Coupe - Stock # Here is a "T" Coupe ready for a rod or rat rod project. Has lower rust but the floor structure looks decent.

The left door was laying on the ground so it has rust. Very desirable body style. Good Title . Rat Rods for Sale on Hotrodhotline - vehicles available The rat rod is an acquired taste, a vehicle with the rust accentuated and the road patina honed. While the classic hot rod is painted and chromed, the rat rod revels in the weathering.

Rat Rod - Cars for Sale: Dodge Rat Rod in Cadillac, Ford Rat Rod in Cadillac, Ford Rat Rod in Cadillac, Ford rat rod street in Des Moines. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported.

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