Shaving through the tunnel

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Shaving through the tunnel

Playing a guitar or other musical instrument Diagnosis: The Torture Test I am not a doctor, so if you experience the symptoms described in this article, please see a real doctor! Your doctor will ask you about symptoms, which arms and fingers are affected, and whether your hand is weak.

The doctor should also ask about your work and home activities, sleep positions, and any prior elbow injuries.

Your doctor will then conduct a physical exam. The cubital tunnel is one of several spots where the ulnar nerve can be pinched, so your doctor may need to probe and prod you a bit.

One common test is the nerve conduction velocity NCV test. An NCV measures the speed of impulses traveling along the nerve. Slow speed means the nerve is constricted or damaged. An EMG tests the forearm muscles controlled by the ulnar nerve to ensure the muscles are working properly.

So stop programming, sleeping on your elbow, playing the guitar, whatever.

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If you cannot stop the offending activities, try to reduce them. Use Shaving through the tunnel and tools see Prevention below to accomplish more work with fewer keystrokes and mouse clicks. NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory devices such as Advil and prescription Voltaren can ease pain and reduce inflammation of the ulnar nerve, but long-term use can result in stomach problems and ulcers.

If your symptoms are worse at night or when you first wake, use a lightweight arm splint or athletic elbow pad while you sleep to limit movement and ease irritation. The idea is to keep your elbow immobilized, slightly bent up 45 degrees and in a handshake position while you sleep. Your doctor may prescribe you to work with a physical therapist.

The therapist can apply heat or massages to ease pain, give you tips on how to rest your elbow and use the computer, and teach you exercises to stretch and strengthen your forearm muscles. There are a few different procedures depending on the patient and situation.

One common procedure is ulnar transposition, which simply moves the ulnar nerve out of the cubital tunnel to the topside of the elbow.

Another is ulnar decompression, which involves cutting one of the cubital tunnel ligaments to open the tunnel and reduce pressure on the nerve. Another procedure involves shaving down the bony medial epicondyle on the elbow so the ulnar nerve can shift freely in and out of the cubital tunnel.

Most CTS surgeries require a inch incision over the cubital tunnel on the elbow, and are performed under local anesthetic as an outpatient procedure. The surgery is painful but the drugs on surgery day should help you forget. Recovery pain and duration depends on how bad the symptoms were and which procedure was used.

For ulnar transposition surgery, your elbow will be splinted and immobilized for three weeks. When the splint is removed, you will perform assisted movements with a therapist for another three weeks.

Active therapy starts six weeks after surgery and includes light isometric strengthening exercises. Three months after surgery you should be back in top shape, hopefully pain-free and ready to code again.

Technology, Ergonomics and a Handshake Because my job requires me to use a computer keyboard and mouse, I can honestly say my job is a real pain! The first step to prevent CTS is to ensure your work environment is ergonomically correct.

Shaving through the tunnel

The key aspect for preventing CTS is to ensure your elbows are not bent too much and your hands remain in the handshake position.Woman says she was ‘scammed’ by free parking sign. Parking outrage A woman claims she was “scammed” by the a Gold Coast City Council Parking meter after a free parking sticker was on the.

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Shaving through the tunnel
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