Taslima nasreen

If we can accept western technology then why not adopt their modes of protest too? This year the Nobel Prize in Literature will not be awarded.

Taslima nasreen

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See Article History Taslima Nasrin, born August 25,MymensinghEast Pakistan [now Bangladesh]Bangladeshi feminist author who was forced out of her country because of her controversial writings, which many Muslims felt discredited Islam.

The daughter of a doctor, Nasrin also became a doctor, working in a family-planning clinic in Mymensingh until she was reassigned to a government clinic in Dhaka in She left the national medical service in An author of magazine Taslima nasreen, poems, and fiction, Nasrin began publishing her writings in the s.

She wrote withering diatribes against the oppression of women and the Islamic code that she felt made them virtually the chattel of men. Her subject matter became increasingly sexual, and her condemnation of men was unrelenting. Contrary to Muslim practice, she wore her hair short and smoked cigarettes, and she eschewed traditional Muslim dress.

Her writing and behaviour enraged and offended strict Muslims, and in groups of those who objected to her work attacked bookstores in Dhaka that had made her books available. A bounty was offered to anyone who would kill her. The outcry against her went unabated, however, and the government called for her arrest, invoking a 19th-century blasphemy law.

After about two months in hiding, Nasrin appeared in court.

Taslima nasreen

She was released on bail and allowed to keep her passport. A few days later she left the country to find sanctuary in Sweden.

Nasrin remained in exile after From Europe she moved to India inbut her presence was sharply criticized by Islamists there. In the city of Kolkata as Calcutta was known after erupted into riots as Islamists demanded that she be forced to leave the country.

Nasrin then fled to the United States. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Sep 12,  · This is an extract of my February, blog titled Of Two Authors -One Condemned for Life Taslima continues to be an an enigma exile – derided, abused and in danger for life in her own country as well as in India, her adopted country.

Jaipur Literary Festival () missed Salman Rushdie who refused to. Taslima Nasrin has 68 books on Goodreads with ratings. Taslima Nasrin’s most popular book is Lajja: Shame. Jul 16,  · Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen today advised West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to "learn" from Congress leader P Chidambaram and admit it was "wrong" to stop broadcast of a TV serial.

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$ $ 18 Available for download now. Hardcover. $ $ 17 34 $ Mar 20,  · Writer-in-exile Taslima Nasreen calls for reining in religious fundamentalism, saying that criticism of religion is not the domain of non-Muslim intellectuals alone Writer Taslima Nasreen fled Author: Suvojit Bagchi.

Taslima Nasrin, (born August 25, , Mymensingh, East Pakistan [now Bangladesh]), Bangladeshi feminist author who was forced out of her country because of her controversial writings, which many Muslims felt discredited Islam.

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