Thesis manuscript style

Before beginning Permission to write the thesis In the normal course of events during the student's Program of Studies, it will become evident to the research supervisor and other members of the Advisory Committee that the student's research progress is sufficient to indicate that writing of the thesis ought to commence. Permission to write the thesis is given by the Advisory Committee when there is general agreement that sufficient work on the research project has been carried out.

Thesis manuscript style

The Manuscript Format Option can be used when an ETD is made up of several scholarly manuscripts or journal articles addressing a common theme, with each article constituting a separate chapter.

Any student following the Manuscript Option will still need to include ETD front matter following the Standard Formatting guidelines, chapter formatting for all non-publication-related chapters following the Standard Formatting guidelines, and a cumulative references section and appendix material if applicable following the Standard Formatting guidelines.

How is the Manuscript Formatting Option different? What the Manuscript Formatting Option allows that the Standard Formatting Option does not is that chapters qualifying for the Manuscript Option can be left in the formatting style used by the journal s where the chapter s have been or will be published, with two exceptions: Font size and style should remain the same throughout the document.

Have been either prepared, submitted, accepted or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Thesis manuscript style

It is not required that each article have been published by the time you graduate to qualify for the manuscript option. Each department will determine how many manuscripts will be included, with a separate chapter for each manuscript. Represent research conducted while the student was enrolled in an MSU graduate program, be a product of the ETD study, and not have been used to obtain another degree.

Please check with your department to see if this option is available for your ETD and whether they have more stringent requirements.

For chapters that do not meet the above criteria, formatting must be consistent with the Standard Formatting Option Guidelines. Do I need to include any copyright information for the articles I have published?

For each publication-related chapter the student must include a Contribution of Authors and Co-authors Page and a Manuscript Information Pageboth preceding the chapter text.

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Please use the templates and samples below: Contribution of Authors and Co-Authors Page Each department will determine whether the student is the primary author or co-author of each manuscript.Thesis and Dissertation Manuscript Formatting and Documentation Styles Each graduate program that requires a dissertation or thesis has adopted an appropriate formatting and documentation style used in scholarly publications in the field.

This guide is designed to help you format your manuscript using the official University Guidelines Manual and the style guide approved by your department as part of the requirements for a graduate level degree at California State University, Long Beach.

Double-spaced manuscript, Times Roman typeface, 1-inch margins, Elements of an author note, EFFECTS OF AGE ON DETECTION OF EMOTION 2 Abstract Age differences were examined in affective processing, in the context of a visual search task.

The manuscript-style thesis/dissertation format is available to doctoral students whose final, completed dissertation will consist of two or more manuscripts or articles. Dissertation Formatting Guidelines.

Choice of Style Manual. -- either as originals or as copies -- that you may need to append or insert in your manuscript. Your dissertation will be published by ProQuest UMI which requires clear, high-contrast characters and images.

As a guide to the quality that will be obtained, you can photocopy a. The student must submit one complete, formatted copy of the thesis or dissertation in the Portable Document Format (PDF) to the Graduation Office by the appropriate deadline date (see below).

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