Veracity problem a review of various pageranking algorithms

By Ram in J2EE ProjectsJava Based Projects 1 Comment Truth finder project is search algorithm used to display high quality sites and accurate content sites on the first page of the search. At present most of the search algorithms are designed based on back linking and links of sites on other websites. This problem of trust worthiness is called as Veracity problem.

Veracity problem a review of various pageranking algorithms

Hence, the best approach to effective online marketing is to meet the guidelines Google sets. After all, following set rules will assist in your website ranking and drawing traffic to your website and help your business flourish.

Google Ranking Algorithms

As you know, the more exposure you have and the more people that know about you, the easier it is to either sell or influence people.

So, in order to get more people to visit your business website, choosing the right online marketing firm will determine the ROI. As of right now there are over million websites out there.

Why would you want to be a drop in the bucket, and get buried under your competition?

Veracity problem a review of various pageranking algorithms

In fact, you want to be the one that can reach your customers. But, to do so, you need to learn what the search engines guidelines and rules are.

Of course this will allow you to be able to compete more effectively. How Google prioritizes search results Google has an iron grip on the intricacies of their algorithms. Even though they keep it under wraps and are very vague in their wording when they release updates on their search engine.

Marketers and web developers are able to reverse engineer some of the details by looking at data and seeing what works. By doing this, we are able to see the overlaying, general rules that they abide by to better give you the results that are most relevant to you.

For example, Googles uses a complex algorithm of over ranking factors. Of which, one of these factors is known as Page Rank.

The August 1, Google Algorithm Update - Analysis and Findings From The Medic Update

Page Rank is how many references a certain page has by the amount of times it was referred to by another web page. By doing this, Google is able to figure out what web page is used as an authority within the subject that is being searched for. A great resource when it comes to how Search Algorithms work is: The idea came about during their research papers.

The idea is that research papers that had multiple mentions to it had more authority, due to the fact that the referring papers had enough trust in the paper that they used it as an authoritative point to prove their own idea.

This is a very powerful idea and a very clever way to sort through a lot of the irrelevant web pages on the World Wide Web.

Compelling, engaging websites get more traffic Google algorithm takes into consideration of how compelling and engaging your website is to users.

But how do you make a website that is more compelling and engaging? Well, to answer that, we should look at what experience has told us.

In order to make a website more compelling for a user, you must write content that will make your traffic consist of users that have already been to your website.

How Facebook’s news feed algorithm works.

Users are there to get straight to the point and want your website to answer their question s. After all, they have other more important things to do than browse your website and get frustrated.Page Rank is one of the key algorithms Google uses to prioritize web pages to give a more relevant result to the user.

It was thought up by the Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were working on obtaining their PhD’s at Stanford University. Chapter One introduces the problem of ascertaining the veracity of data in a multi-source and evolving context.

Current truth discovery computation algorithms are presented in details in Chapter Four. The theoretical foundations and various approaches for modeling diffusion phenomenon of misinformation spreading in networked systems is.

There were chapters that held my interest, and chapters that didn't, but overall the book was a fantastic mix of how various computer science problems are also real work problems, and algorithms that solve one can be applied to the other as well.

The existing algorithm Page Rank which is used by Google, uses link structure of the web page[2]. Another algorithm exists known as Weighted PageRank(WPR) Algorithm. It assigns larger rank values to more popular webpages rather than dividing the rank value .

Therefore, it makes complete sense that Google would always look to enhance its core ranking algorithm with regard to E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trust), site reputation, author reputation, etc. The problem is known as ‘Veracity’. It becomes quite difficult for the user to decide which website to trust for the correctness of information.

The resultant pages of any search engine must be ranked according to decreasing level of trustworthiness. To resolve this problem, different algorithms have been developed.

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