Your most memorable childhood experience

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Your most memorable childhood experience

This was also my first day as a school superintendent. Why was I substituting? Mercer County, West Virginia, had hired me two and a half months earlier. Soon after my arrival, the auditor informed the school board and me that we had a financial deficit of two million dollars, which had to be resolved by the end of the fiscal year.

I immediately engaged everyone in brainstorming about how to solve the problem.

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One idea that we adopted was that administrators would substitute teach at least one day a month to save on the cost of subs. But after an hour as the kindergarten sub, I silently cursed the person who made this ridiculous suggestion. Of course, it had been my idea. The day started to go downhill when the third child stepped into the classroom and started to cry for his mother.

While I turned to comfort him, others arrived, each one seeming to require percent of my attention. I succeeded in getting 23 of the 28 children to tell me their names so I could give them name tags. By the end of the day, only about a dozen name tags were still being worn.

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As an alternative, somehow I was able to get all but one girl to sit on the carpet. Then I physically directed them into an oblong kind of shape.

I realized that most children did not come to school hardwired with school routines. I might as well have been speaking a foreign language.

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As I scrambled to find something productive to do, it occurred to me to read to them. Even that did not go smoothly. Children interrupted my reading with their own unrelated stories of whatever popped into their heads, with several children talking at the same time.

A few adventurous explorers simply ignored my reading and wandered around the room.

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I must have looked cross-eyed trying to keep everyone in my sight. Overall, the day was a disaster. My mission switched to praying we would all survive without any noticeable physical damage. I was like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop before he found a whistle. Except for my ego, no one got hurt.

And surprisingly, no outraged parents called to complain. A few weeks later when I visited that same class, some of the kids called me "teacher" and hugged me as if to express their forgiveness. I gained some new insights about just how much skill it requires to teach kindergarten.

I served as a substitute for 15 more days that year in classrooms where the students already knew the procedures. This was a second career path for me, after spending several years in business and several more at home raising twins.

Using every preparation strategy I knew Harry Wong would have been proudI had painstakingly crafted a series of engaging activities for Day 1 of Year 1. I had lofty plans to bond with my new 8th graders, introduce them to classroom protocols, and stir their excitement for science.

There was no great skill on my part; I simply kept going. With the help of several wonderful mentors, I soon learned more strategies for working with students who exhibited hostile behavior. As August rolled around, my tummy became round, but I still had 18 weeks to go until the expected birth.

Little did I know what was to come on the first day of school. A trip to the doctor revealed that I was in early labor.

Your most memorable childhood experience

As I stood looking out my hospital window at my school, just across the street, I saw my 4th graders—the 4th graders whose teacher I would never be.Well was it the delicious food given to me at my granny's place in childhood and her stories around fireplace in cold winter holidays.

The most imaginative and beautifully narrated one's as I remember. or getting into all the activities in school and getting prizes, praise of teachers and smile of mom. What is your most memorable experience. A Memorable Eexperience from My Childhood. 3 Pages Words November Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly!

/ Your Most Memorable First Day of School. Kindergarten Cop. On the first day of school, my assignment was substituting for a kindergarten teacher. However, I had experience and was not worried about my procedures because in the past they had worked well. So on the first day, I jumped into expectations and academics and started moving right.

Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect. This guest blog is from Dr. Jonice Webb, who has a PhD in clinical psychology and has been licensed to practice since Educating, entertaining, and feeding families all year long!

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